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05 October 2010 @ 08:05 pm
Well, none of these have been asked yet, but it serves the same purpose. :p

Do I have to credit you? How?
Yes, crediting is mandatory. Click here for information.

Is commenting mandatory?
Nope, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside if you do. :) And it might prevent me from being lazy motivate me to make more icons.

Do you hate hotlinking? Why or why not?
Um, of course I do. Hotlinking is when you steal someone's bandwith. If a lot of people copy the direct links, the person's bandwidth is lost and their pictures go missing until the month is over. In other words, it is EVIL.

Am I allowed to edit any of your icons for my liking?
No. If you ask, I may say do so for you. If, for some unknown reason I let you edit an icon, make sure you credit me somewhere because I made the original work. (So when you add the credit, say something like "made by allegedicons; modifications by me.")

Do you take any requests?
No - the pressure would kill me! Maybe when I get in the habit of making icons then I'll do so, but it would be a treat for people who are members of this comm.

Are there any fandoms you refuse to make icons for?
I am unlikely to make any icons on certain fandoms if I am not a part of them. I want to get involved with the fandom before I start making icons for them. ;)

What fandoms do you love? Ships?
Harry Potter (Lily/James, Ron/Hermione, Sirius/me), Friends (Monica/Chandler, Rachel/Ross), Veronica Mars (Logan/Veronica), Dexter, Lost (Desmond/Penny, Sawyer/Juliet), Community, Chuck (Chuck/Sarah), and Arrested Development.

Will you ever make any textures/bases/brushes/layouts/patterns/etc.?
Er, no. I'm not exactly an expert here. *lol* I may make bases, but that's as much as I am capable of doing, and even that seems unlikely.

It seems like you are made of awesome, so do you have any personal journal I can friend?

I doubt anyone would ask this (however, my ego is in desperate need of feeding, hence this question), but  I don't use alossofcolor for anything other than to post here.

There is a fandom you should get into!!1 Can you pleeease consider it?
I am always open to having more obsessions! :D Feel free to PM me or leave a comment somewhere with a brief description on why it is awesome.

Can you make a tutorial for me on something you have made?
Sure! Just leave a comment on the entry saying which one you'd like a tutorial on and I'll make it.

There's some other question that I want to know . . .
Just leave a comment and I'll answer you. :) This is meant to be updated regularly, anyway.