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05 October 2010 @ 08:00 pm
How to Credit  
Why do you want me to credit you?
The same reason why you're required to cite novels and sources when you write something. I just want to be acknowledged for the work I created. If I see that people are not crediting and/or if people hotlink frequently, this community will be viewable to members only.

What if I don't have a LJ and want to post it elsewhere? Can I?
Yes, just credit me somehow. If you're on a forum, put it in your signature. If you're putting it in a group on facebook, credit me in the description. If you put it on tumblr, link back to this page. You get the point by now. I just need to be credited.

Ok, I'm going to credit you on the forum/facebook/myspace/whatever. How do you want me to credit you?
If you can put a link, that is preferable. (HTML: <a href=www.community.livejournal.com/allegedicons>) If you can't, just type out the link shown in the parentheses or put "allegedicons."

How am I supposed to keep track of who to credit?
When I save icons, I name the file like "[whatever it's named] - allegedicons."

So how do I credit you in my userpics? I don't get it :(
Here's a visual:


or you can combine them and say "by alossofcolor @ allegedicons " :)